GameStop No Longer Accepting PS2 Trade-Ins Starting June 1st

According to the image above, courtesy of Kotaku, GameStop will no longer be accepting trade-ins of any PS2 games, systems, or PS2 accessories.  As many of you already know, Sony discontinued the Playstation 2 (the #1 best selling console of all time) earlier this year, but at least PS2 owners could always trade them in when they were ready to upgrade.

Well, it looks like that's all coming to an end.

If you own a PS2 and were possibly planning on one day trading it in . . .you may need to expedite those plans and trade in the ole' system before June 1st because GameStop will no longer accept them.

Now this has not been confirmed beyond this photo, so take the info with a grain of salt.  It's only early May, and I'm sure we'll hear some new information on this very soon.  With the PS4 having a stage at E3 this year, and with PS2 consoles and games having very little, if even any trade-in value anymore, this wouldn't be very surprising.

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