FUSE Demo Walkthrough & Review - Have you tackled FUSE yet?

The FUSE Demo is now live on the Playstation Store & Xbox 360 Marketplace, and provides a great look at what you can expect from the upcoming third-person shooter.  The FUSE demo will allow you to play not only the single player campaign, two player split-screen, and co-op mode with up to three friends.  Make sure to check out the video above for a complete walkthrough of the FUSE demo, and don't forget to download it on PSN or XBL.

The FUSE demo starts off by giving you an insight into what FUSE is - a "volitile" substance that has fallen into the wrong hands.  You are then launched into your first mission entitled "No Honor Among Thieves."
Is this part, you must fight your way through swarms of enemy soldiers.

The enemy AI are extremely hostile, and present a good challenge.  Not only do they seem to communicate with each other, often signaling others to attack your position, but they also use good cover, and are very accurate and responsive.  You can tell that FUSE caters towards the cooperative game mode over single player by the simple fact that the missions are very difficult, and working together with communication would definitely make things much easier.

Does that mean you won't enjoy playing the single player game mode?  Absolutely not!  I had tons of fun playing around with the different characters and trying out their different weapon abilities.  Each character has their own unique ability that you can use at your disposal, and the game enables you to "LEAP" between characters throughout the game.  One disadvantage to the single player (beside the obvious fact that you won't be destroying your enemy with your friends along your side) is often times friendly AI are a bit sluggish to revive you when you get taken down . . .and you will get taken down.  Other than that, I really enjoyed the challenge, and it forces you to play smart if you want to survive.

After you complete the first part of the FUSE Demo, "No Honor Among Thieves" mission, you are then taken forward in the game (about 15 minutes supposedly).  Here you are presented with some new enemies, which look like some sort of Mechs.  They possess their own unique weapons and abilities, and definitely present you with a challenge.  Don't get too close though, their melee attacks are brutal.

After you defeat the Mechs, you then make your way through the Raven Facility, where you fight your way through swarms of enemy foot-soldiers, until you finally get to a chopper that was sent to extract you.  The chopper is then blown to shreds, leaving you and the rest of the Overstrike 9 team stranded within the Ravan Facility . . .welcome to FUSE.

Overall I really enjoyed the FUSE Demo.  The controls are a bit tricky at first when compared to other third-person shooters, but after you get the controls down, and learn your character's ability, the game is a lot of fun.  The character dialogue (which I really enjoyed btw) also suggest that the FUSE story does go beyond just recovering the FUSE substance, and will allow you to connect with each character. I would highly suggest downloading the FUSE Demo and playing around with it for a little while!  It's FREE, so why not try it out.  You might just enjoy it.

FUSE has an official release date of May 28th, and  pre-orders are available now.  Pre-Order offers include "Exclusive Team Extras" which allow you to upgrade uniforms, customize weapons, & increase damage.

Learn more about FUSE at fusegame.com

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