FUSE Demo Coming To XBL & PSN May 7th [UPDATE - Available Now]

Play as a member of an elite team known as Overstrike 9, who have been contacted by the CIA to retrieve a volatile energy source, known as Fuse, that has fallen into the wrong hands.  On May 7 on both Xbox Live and Playstation Store, you can dowload the Fuse Demo, and try out the game before its official release on May 28th.

Fuse is a third-person, cooperative action shooter, providing you and up to 3 friends with tons of action as you seek to regain Fuse from the paramilitary corporation that took it.

CEA Ted Price writes:

“Fuse takes four player co-op in a new direction with features you won’t find in other third person shooters: from LEAP where you can jump between each of the four unique agents at will to the experimental Xenotech weapons to the deep RPG-like character progression system. And by the way, all of these features rock for solo players as well.”

*UPDATE* The FUSE Demo is now available on XBL in some areas.

The Fuse demo will allow you to test the single player campaign, 2 player split-screen, and 4 player online co-op mode.  Check out the Fuse "Dalton Rules" trailer:

Fuse "The Dalton Rules" Trailer by IGN

Learn more about Fuse on the official site

Will you be trying Fuse out?  Let us know in the comments!

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