Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Explained - Beta Now Open!

Neverwinter is a new Dungeons & Dragons Free-To-Play action MMORPG created by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World, and is said to be the most action packed and immersible Dungeons & Dragons game yet.  You will be able to explore and revisit many of the classic D&D landscapes which surround the city of Neverwinter, as well as choose your character from among all the signature D&D adventurer classes.  Neverwinter gives you the freedom to venture solo, or team up with friends, as well as join up with random allies via a grouping system.  Neverwinter will allow you to take on various beasts of legend, including orcs and hordes of the undead, in order to restore the city of Neverwinter to it's former glory.

Developers are implementing a brand new action focused combat system that is more fast paced, skill oriented, and steers away from many traditional MMO's tab targeting systems.  Players will have to block, dodge, aim, and counter-attack  their enemies.  This will allow the player much more freedom in combat  as they go up against all the classic D&D monsters.

Not only will Neverwinter present the standard MMO main storyline and daily quests, but Developers are introducing a brand new tool, called the "The Foundry," an adventure creation tool that will allow players to create, share, and play an infinite amount of new quests and adventures. 

Are you ready for Neverwiner?  The Neverwinter Beta has previously only held closed beta event weekends, only accessible to "Neverwinter Founders" - players who purchased certain Neverwinter "Packs."  Now the Beta is opened to all, and from the gameplay I've seen it looks pretty solid.  

As always, we love to hear from you, so any thoughts or comments that you would like to leave would be much appreciated.  Also, make sure to sign up for the Neverwinter Open Beta here, and check out GameTrailers Neverwinter Gameplay Preview here

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