Brand New GTA 5 Screenshots Show Off Drive By's, Fast Bikes, Awesome Landscapes & More!

Brand New Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots fresh from Rockstar show off some classic GTA action, as well as some pimp rides, fast bikes, and some pretty impressive landscapes of Los Santos.

The GTA 5 updates seem to be picking up, so make sure to check back here at Chance Gaming Media for much more!  Until then enjoy the view!

I'm really hoping the picture above is playable terrain in GTA 5.  What do you guys think?

Can't wait to push the curves of Los Santos on one of these!

or one of these :)

or one of these?  Will this be a player operated vehicle in GTA 5?  Looks like it to me!

This is what we don't want to happen . . .

This guys cool . . .

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