Battlelog Update Coming May 14

Dice and EA announced on Battlelog that a new minor update is coming to their social stat-tracking platform Battlelog on May 14.  Is this the Battlelog 2.0 that we reported on weeks back?  Could be, but personally, we don't think so.  I guess it's possible, but hence the term "minor update" we're thinking that we will have a much larger update nearing the release of Battlefield 4 that will integrate stat tracking for the latest release as well.

The "minor update" mentioned is expected to bring some redesign elements that will make navigation quicker and easier, with a new design for the menus, Comms Center, and Game Manager.  Dice also stated that the main focus of the update is bug fixes.

Check out the new menu design below courtesy of Battlelog:

With Dice bringing a new Battlelog update, does this mean that the "denial-of-service" attacks have been addressed and dealt with.  Well, we all hope so, however the "thank you for your patience" message still tops the Battlelog "home."  We'll keep you posted on any further updates on Battlelog 2.0 and the cyber attacks on Battlelog, so make sure to stay tuned to Chance Gaming Media for more!  

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