Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Trailer Possibly Coming Before E3

According to a source at BF4 Central, EA will be releasing a Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer shortly before E3.  This same source tipped us off about the previous Battlefield 4 reveal gameplay and Battlefield 4 teaser trailer last month.

No details were given on what the trailer will include, whether we'll actually see some multiplayer gameplay, or if it will just be a short multiplayer teaser.

DICE has already announced they will be present at E3 this June and will be bringing Battlefield 4 with them, and just like they did with Battlefield 3, they will most likely have a booth setup where people can experience Battlefield 4 hands on.

E3 will be held in Los Angeles June 11-13.

We haven't heard any new Battlefield 4 news in awhile, so it's nice we got something to break the silence.  Hopefully it sticks!

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