Next Generation Xbox Pricing Rumors Reported by Microsoft Blogger

According to a very credible Xbox information source, Paul Thurrott (Microsoft blogger) . . .the same source that brought us the first information on the Xbox reveal date and also reported that the next generation Xbox would require an internet connection to function properly, has recently reported that there will be two different price points for the next Xbox.  One going for $499, and the other going for $299 for those who purchase a two-year subscription to Xbox Live's Gold Service, which retails about $10 per month.

Thurrott also reports that the next gen Xbox will "is based" on the "Core" version of Windows 8 operating system, which will allow it run apps across multiple platforms much easier if they run the same system.  He also believes that Microsoft will discuss their next generation console in much more detail during their developer conference this June.

Last, Thurrott reports that "plans for Yuma are on hold, and no pure entertainment version of the next Xbox will appear in 2013 (or possibly ever)."

What do you think?  If these prices of the next Xbox are in fact true . . .is this a price you would be willing to pay for the next-gen console?  Please make sure to leave a comment down below with your thoughts!

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