Next Call Of Duty Reveal Coming Soon!

It looks as though the next Call Of Duty, whatever it may be called, will be revealed very shortly.  Just the other day, IGN received an image of a display blueprint for the next Call Of Duty title indicating that physical posters should be hitting retailers starting May 1st.  This will officially unveil the next Call Of Duty title!

Recently we got a look at "Call Of Duty: Ghosts," promotional posters, which were spotted on various video game retailer websites, such as Target and Tesco.  Whether "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" is the official name for Infinity Ward Studios latest CoD development . . .it's yet to be determined, but it looks like we'll know real soon!

Target also listed "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" release date as being on November 5th with a standard price tag of $59.99.  Now this would be the 1st Tuesday in November when previous CoD titles have been release the 2nd Tuesday in November, so we're not sure how likely that will be.

Here's the alleged box art from the game as well . . .

If these rumors are true, I would expect to see some sort of game play reveal the same day, or shortly after, as well as pre orders opening up . . .so keep your eyes peeled, and make sure to check back here for all the latest Call Of Duty news!   

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