Battlefield 4 Commander Mode Leaked & BF4 Beta Spotted On Origin

Some new information has been revealed regarding Battlefield 4, including the return of the "Commander" Game Mode from Battlefield 2, as well as the confirmation of three playable factions in the Battlefield 4 multiplayer.  This information was spotted on some marketing material for GameStop (pictured below) which apparently hasn't reached every store yet, but should be worldwide very soon!

Also, the Battlefield 4 beta has been spotted on Origin (screenshot below) under the downloadable content for Battlefield 3! So it looks like you'll be able to download the Battlefield 4 beta just like any other DLC for Battlefield 3 when it finally gets here, most likely mid October.  If you're on PS3 or Xbox 360, we're assuming it will appear in your in-game store at some point and you'll be able to download it just like any other DLC as well.

Check out the video below for more details on the new Battlefield 4 Commander Mode and the Battlefield 4 Beta, as well as some Battlefield 4 Premium talk. Enjoy!

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*Update* DICE has responded to the GameStop marketing material saying "The documents are not official Battlefield 4 marketing material," an EA publisher told GameZone.

However the publisher didn't deny the rumor and we have heard whispers of the Commander Mode from Battlefield 2 coming to Battlefield 4.  As for now this is just speculation, but don't be too surprised if we do see this game mode in the next Battlefield installment.

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