DICE Confirms Battlefield 4 is Coming to E3 2013

No surprise here, but DICE & EA announced on Twitter that they will be attending E3 2013 and bringing Battlefield 4 with them.  They haven't given out any details yet on what they will be revealing, but we're hoping that we will see some multiplayer gameplay, or at least get some more solid details on the Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

You can also expect Battlefield's top competitor for this Fall to be there, revealing what will most likely be titled Modern Warfare 4.  Once again it looks like EA and Activision will be facing off this year for the FPS Throne, and this time DICE is looking to take the Crown.

E3 2013 will take place June 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Make sure cast your vote on the Chance Gaming Media poll (which seems to be broken right now hehe . . .but vote anyways . . .maybe it will fix itself) for who you think will top sales this year.  Do you think DICE's Battlefield 4 has what it takes to beat out CoD Modern Warfare 4 this year?

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