Definance Team Serious About Fixing Game Issues

So like many, and most games, Defiance launched with lots of bugs and issues.  Defiance's Executive Producer, Nathan Richardsson, stated earlier on the Defiance official blog that they are serious about their game, and serious about addressing the issues that plagued launch.

The Defiance team has already made lot's of progress as far as fixing many of it's issues, and it seems they will continue to address each issue as it comes to light.  The main issue, which everyone has been upset about, was server crashes, on every platform.  This issue was caused by memory corruption that took the team weeks to actually isolate.  They've already fixed most of the main issues on the PC and Xbox versions of the game, and a huge patch for the PS3 version is scheduled for today (Monday 4/29), which should bring many of the server side changes that the Xbox and PC versions have already received.

They have also stated that hacking and cheating on the PC version is something they will try their best to prevent, and they've already increased their focus on tools to detect, report, and prevent this issue, and have even begun banning players they find hacking, or even attempting to hack or cheat.

It's good to know that the Defiance team is serious about resolving it's issues with all the hype that's gone into this game.  With Defiance ads everywhere, and even a Defiance TV series, this game has been one of the most hyped up games of the year so far.  It would be a shame if they didn't take care of the people that spent their hard earned money to buy it.  But it seems as though they are . . .so kudos :)

Many other changes are in the works, so make sure to head over the the official blog and check it out for yourself, or just let the Defiance team surprise you when their game starts running like you'd expect.

Any fixes you'd like to see come to Defiance?  Any other thoughts?  Make sure to leave them down below!

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