Battlelog 2.0 - New Android Version, Increased Friend Cap, Better Privacy & More!

Even before Battlefield 3 dropped in October 2011, Battlelog has been the head of all Battlefield 3 social media, and will remain as the main social stat-tracking platform for Battlefield 4, and most likely any other Battlefield game that we'll see in our lifetime.

Moments ago, DICE publicly answered a few questions about improving Battlelog, and here's what they said:

“Yes, we are working on an Android version of the Battlelog mobile app.”
“No, we don’t like the 100 friends limit any more than you do, and we’re working with Origin to expand it.”
“Yes, we are working on more extensive privacy options.”
“Yes, we’re working on storing the server browser filter so it doesn’t get reset.”

As of now there is no time frame to when these changes will be implemented, but I think it's safe to say that the changes will most likely take effect before the Battlefield 4 release date in late October.

This is great news for Android users, and obviously this is great news for anyone who has ever had their account hacked, which apparently was a very common issue.

Now personally, I only have about 30 friends on Battlelog right now, so the 100 friend cap on Battlelog doesn't really mean all that much right now.  However, by the time Battlefield 4 gets here, it will probably be nice to have a little more room for expanding your friends list.  You have to remember, although we're getting a new game . . .we're not getting a new Battlelog . . .just a better Battlelog :)

It's also nice that they're addressing the server browser resetting  although this was just a slight inconvenience and I personally never really had too big of an issue with it.  However, all improvements are just that  . . .improvements!

What else would you guys like to see improved on Battlelog?

Check out this video for more information on the new Battlelog!

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