Battlefield 4 Reveal Demo PC Specs - What will it take to run Battlefield 4?

DICE still hasn't released any system requirements for Battlefield 4, however they have revealed some of the PC specs from the actual PC that powered the Battlefield 4 17 Minute "Fishing In Baku" gameplay reveal last month.  First off, DICE revealed that they were running a quad-core Intel i7 CPU, and a Radeon HD 7990 graphics card.  Which if you don't already know, this is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful graphics cards in the world.

Well, just recently DICE revealed that they were not just running one Radeon 7990 graphics cards, but two of these monster graphics cards in CrossfireX, for a total of 4 GPU, whic is a massive 12GB of GDDR5 graphics ram, which technically means it was running at a 6GB per second frame buffer.  Now DICE had revealed that the gameplay was running at 60 frames per second. Now you have to assume that with these graphics cards running in CrossfireX, that DICE had the frames capped at 60 fps because surely these cards would be capable of much more . . .hopefully.

Check out the PC that powered the Battlefield 4 Reveal Gameplay Demo Here!

DICE did however claim the the gameplay was an "unoptimized alpha version."  This being said, maybe it did take all this power to run the Battlefield 4 reveal gameplay at 60 fps.  What we want to know however, is what will it take to actually run the final version?  Will our graphics cards we use for Battlefield 3 become obsolete?

Well, here are some of my thoughts.  As many of you have heard, DICE is making a push this year to out sell Call of Duty, and take the first person shooter throne for 2013.  If that's the case, then there's no way that our cards would be useless for Battlefield 4.  Think about it, are people really going to be willing to buy a new graphics card simply to run one game?  Sure, some people are . . .personally I would probably buy another graphics card in order to run this particular game.  For the most part though, people would not be willing to shell out that much cash.  So if DICE really wants Battlefield 4 to dominate CoD in sales this year, then most cards that are capable of running Battlefield 3 better be able to run BF4.

Now, obviously you can tell from the reveal gameplay that the graphics are quite an improvement from Battlefield 3. I'm thinking that if you could barely run BF3 on low settings then you may have fork out the dough and upgrade. However, if you're able to run BF3 on medium to ultra settings, then I think you should be good to go for Battlefield 4.  These are just my thoughts though, and we really won't know anything until we see the Battlefield 4 system requirements.

What do you guys think?  Will you upgrade your graphics card to play Battlefield 4?  Do you think it will even be necessary?

Please leave a comment and check out the video from the Chance Gaming Media YouTube channel (above) for more information on the PC that powered the Battlefield 4 reveal gameplay and more!

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