Activision on Call of Duty Unique Mobile Experience

Well, I'm steering away from Battlefield in this post to bring you guys some pretty interesting Call of Duty news that caught my attention.  Apparently Activision is seeking ways to bring a unique Call of Duty experience to mobile devices - one that will increase their presence in the mobile market.  According to Activision Blizzard's Jon Estanislao sales are currently going "okay" on mobile, but they're very interested in bringing a unique experience to mobile platforms that will "evolve" the way customers interact with the brand.

“We’re definitely looking to reach out to our core audience and engage them beyond their TV or PC and then give them new experiences around Call of Duty that are unique for that device,” said Estanislao.

“Going forward for us, how do we really take that Call of Duty experience, what is the essence of it?” he asks. “These kinds of grandiose, immerse experiences–how do we move that to mobile or tablet? From a development perspective, we’re investing a lot more in understanding how to marry that together with how customers expect to play on those devices.”

“Sometimes it takes a bit longer for large companies like ourselves because our DNA isn’t necessarily that flexible. But I think we’re at that stage, we have dedicated internal studios to work on it, and folks from outside the industry that we’re bringing in.”

So far Activision has brought Call of Duty to PS Vita, IOS and Android, but they were watered down versions, such as Black Ops: Declassified and Black Ops Zombies.

I personally think this is a good idea for Activision and the Call of Duty franchise.  I believe that CoD, which is more of an "arcadey" shooter would be a lot of fun to play on the go, if the experience was similar to the one you would get on your console or PC.  Games like Battlefield could never go in this direction and match up to the console/PC experience (at least with today's technology), but I believe Call of Duty could really make this work.

What do you guys think?  Would you be interested in a full Call of Duty mobile game, if you could have to same experience that you would get on your console or PC?  Who thinks this is a push to generate sales somewhere else in anticipation that Battlefield 4 will take the 2013 "FPS Throne" this year and outsell CoD?  Please make sure to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below!

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