96 Hour Double XP Event Starting May 9th!

I was beginning to think that DICE had completely forgotten about Double XP for Battlefield 3, and I was personally hoping to hit that infamous level 100 Colonel by the time Battlefield 4 got here.  Well, DICE hasn't forgotten about those of us who still play BF3, despite all the Battlefield 4 chatter, and are certainly making up for lost time with 96 hours, or four full days of double XP starting on May 9th!

This is not exclusive to only Battlefield 3 Premium members. Anyone can participate and earn those ranks twice as fast!

DICE's "Trydling" wrote on Battlelog:

"We are happy to announce our next double XP event open to all Battlefield 3 players. Starting May 9, all players can enjoy ranking up twice as fast. The event runs for a total of 96 hours (four days), and you can find all of the relevant info below. Hoping to see you on the Battlefield!"

So there you have it!

The event will start at 02 AM PST / 09 AM UTC on May 9th  (Find out the start time in your area here)

Doulbe XP will be available on all ranked servers.

*UPDATE*  The Double XP Event has been pushed back to an unknown date due to the cyber attacks on Battlefield 3 & Battlelog.  Learn more

*UPDATE 2* The Battlefield 3 96 Hour Double XP event has been rescheduled for May 23-27, for all players!

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