Battlefield 1 Beginner Sniping Tips - BF1 Scout Class Guide and Tutorial

Bolt Action Snipers return stronger than ever in the Battlefield 1 Scout Class!  Not only do they offer the ultimate killing potential for players who can land their headshots, but DICE didn't think one-hit headshot kills were enough, and have now added a sweetspot range to most bolt action rifles in the game.  This sweet spot range will grant players a one hit kill to the upper chest from varying ranges depending on the bolt action rifle you choose.  This makes Battlefield 1 Sniper Rifles extremely powerful!

When choosing your Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 1, definitely consider each rifles sweet spot range depending on your playstyle and average engagement range.  If you like to play more aggressive, you'll probably want to choose a bolt action that has a sweet spot range that's better up close, and if you like to snipe from a distance you'll probably want to choose a rifle that has a sweet spot range meant for long distance.

Please note that not all bolt action rifles in Battlefield 1 have a sweet spot range, however some have stronger base stats.  This is also something you'll want to consider when choosing the best bolt action sniper rifle for your playstyle.

As for gadgets in Battlefield 1, the flare gun is extremely useful, basically working just like the motion sensors in Battlefield 4, enabling you to see players on your minimap.  Use these wisely and you'll have a significant advantage over enemy players!  In the Battlefield 1 Beta we also had a variation that emitted a very bright light, and while I didn't find this very useful on Sinai Desert, being a more open map, this gadget could be very useful on tight, close quarters maps (think Operation Locker from Battlefield 4).  Verdicts still out on K-Bullets however.  They were very good in the Battlefield 1 Alpha, simply because you could disable a tank in one shot if you hit it in the track or the engine.  However they weren't good at all against tank heavy armor in the Battlefield 1 Beta, and were really only useful against Armored Cars.  So, hopefully they'll get a slight buff as far as damage against tanks.

Look for more Battlefield 1 Sniping Tips & Tricks after the full release of the game, including a full Battlefield 1 Scout Class Guide covering everything you need to know!

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Battlefield 1 Best Class with Best Guns! (BF1 Medic Class Review)

With the class changes in Battlefield 1, I'm sure many of you are wondering what is the best overall infantry vs. infantry class. Obviously, when it comes down to it, really all the classes serve a necessary role in Battlefield 1... The Assault Class is obviously the best class overall to take out armor, such as tanks, armored cars, etc... The Support Class is useful for locking down choke-points, and high priority buildings around Cap-points, as well as resupplying teammates which is invaluable.  Then of course, there's the Scout Class, or Sniper Class which is extremely strong in Battlefield 1, not only being able to dominate enemy infantry at range, but now having access to gadgets like K Bullets, the Scout Class is just a force to be reckoned with.  So, this obviously leaves us with the Medic Class.  Which some people have said is completely useless because of the new Conquest changes.  Well, yeah... Medics who revive their teammates won't earn their team a ticket back, but that still doesn't make this class useless at all.

Not only can the Medic Class revive teammates to keep them on Capture Points in order to take them, as well as offer heals for their teammates and themselves, but the Medic Class is also paired with the DMRs in Battlefield 1, which are extremely powerful.  So having access to heals as well as the most versatile weapons in Battlefield 1 by far... for more skilled players, the Medic Class is easily the best infantry vs infantry class in BF1.

Star Wars Battlefront - Death Star Expansion Pack DLC Teaser Trailer

EA and DICE just released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star Exapansion Pack.  The teaser only shows off a bit of what we can expect from the DLC, but it appears to fall in line with the previous expansion packs, as well as the base game, recreating classic Star Wars scenes that players will have the opportunity to experience through the game.

The Death Star Expansion will include new maps, both on the ground and in space, new weapons, star cards, new heroes and villians, including Chewbacca and Bossk, as well as Space Battles, a game mode hardcore Battlefront fans have been wanting in Star Wars: Battlefront since before the game launched last year.   Enjoy the new Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Expansion teaser trailer below and let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

Are you excited about the upcoming the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star Expansion?